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Open plan

  1. Ref: 12531

    Bright, aspirational house with clean lines and statement pieces. W4

    Location 12531 Location 12531 Location 12531
  2. Ref: 12455

    4 bed Victorian mid terrace house with good sized rooms, high ceilings and period cornicing and fireplaces. Has a light and airy loft conversion. SW17

    Location 12455 Location 12455 Location 12455
  3. Ref: 12452

    Colourful and quirky live/work space with open-plan layout and roof terrace. E8

    Location 12452 Location 12452 Location 12452
  4. Ref: 12430

    An exceptionally large new modern house located in South East London. 6 Bedrooms and large contemporary open plan living and kitchen areas. SE3 

    Location 12430 Location 12430 Location 12430
  5. Ref: 12378

    Warehouse space consisting of the top two floors, the lower floor approx 1000sq ft with views over the canal and low-rise council flats. N1


    Location 12378 Location 12378 Location 12378
  6. Ref: 12308

    A terraced family home with eclectic decor and a workshop in the garden. TW10

    Location 12308 Location 12308 Location 12308
  7. Ref: 12220

    A bright, open-plan semi-detached house with a contemporary family feel. W3

    Location 12220 Location 12220 Location 12220
  8. Ref: 12199

    A spacious family home with bright interiors and exceptionally large bathrooms. SW16

    Location 12199 Location 12199 Location 12199
  9. Ref: 11847

    Converted coach house featuring attached studio space and outside terrace areas. SE1

    Location 11847 Location 11847 Location 11847
  10. Ref: 11695

    A unique grand design home constructed in the 1960s with spacious living areas, mid-century modern furnishings and an outdoor swimming pool. BR1

    Location 11695 Location 11695 Location 11695