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Open plan

  1. Ref: 10413

    Modern and spacious flat. E2

    Location 10413 Location 10413 Location 10413
  2. Ref: 10238

    Beautiful aspirational home with very large rooms and light open modern spaces. Includes an outdoor swimming pool and tennis court. SW4

    Location 10238 Location 10238 Location 10238
  3. Ref: 10178

    Vacant penthouse apartment with a large balcony and city views. NW3

    Location 10178 Location 10178 Location 10178
  4. Ref: 10052

    Country manor house in the Palladian style with a unique indoor swimming pool, sun-room, and stunning atrium. HP2

    Location 10052 Location 10052 Location 10052
  5. Ref: 10008

    Modern property with rustic charm and an interesting mix of modern and retro features. E2

    Location 10008 Location 10008 Location 10008
  6. Ref: 9960

    Stylish, light and spacious apartment with a large decked balcony. Plenty of potential for shoots requiring a foreign look-a-like setting. W9

    Location 9960 Location 9960 Location 9960
  7. Ref: 9959

    Edwardian (1903) semi-detached house with large kitchen / sitting room and large through lounge / dining room. W13

    Location 9959 Location 9959 Location 9959
  8. Ref: 9946

    Converted loft and photography studio with vaulted ceilings and large windows. Full of quirky props and furniture. E1

    Location 9946 Location 9946 Location 9946
  9. Ref: 9920

    Double aspect barn conversion with modern decor and pretty exterior space. Also available is the exterior of a traditional farm house. Very convenient for Elstree. WD6

    Location 9920 Location 9920 Location 9920
  10. Ref: 9913

    Striking glass 'Huf-Haus' with open plan living areas, impressive architectural features, and plenty of outside space with stunning views. HP5

    Location 9913 Location 9913 Location 9913