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Houses - suburban

  1. Ref: 14564

    A beautiful semi-detached family home in North West London with a mixture of modern interiors and original features. NW5

    Location 14564 Location 14564 Location 14564
  2. Ref: 14542

    Willow Bank:

    An impressive family home with a large open plan kitchen and a stunning traditional drawing room overlooking a private garden. TW17

    Location 14542 Location 14542 Location 14542
  3. Ref: 14387

    A fantastic retro 1960s detached family house in a quiet location. HP12

    Location 14387 Location 14387 Location 14387
  4. Ref: 14292

    A lovely, spacious victorian terrace with new kitchen extension. Interesting wallpaper in bedrooms and bathrooms. W6

    Location 14292 Location 14292 Location 14292
  5. Ref: 14271

     A traditional family home with contrasting interiors and quirky period features. NW5

    Location 14271 Location 14271 Location 14271
  6. Ref: 14266

     A large family home with a mixture of modern and traditional decor. NW5

    Location 14266 Location 14266 Location 14266
  7. Ref: 14249

     A large family home with eclectic interiors and an interesting artists attic studio. NW5

    Location 14249 Location 14249 Location 14249
  8. Ref: 14235

    Semi-detached victorian five bedroom house with 70ft garden, side access and off street parking for 1-2 vehicles.Modern kitchen extension with easy access due to extinsive gliding glass doors and same level patio.

    Location 14235 Location 14235 Location 14235
  9. Ref: 14230

     A stunning modern family home with double height ceilings and impeccable decor. W14

    Location 14230 Location 14230 Location 14230
  10. Ref: 14225

     A beautiful family home with classic decor and a large open plan kitchen. KT5

    Location 14225 Location 14225 Location 14225