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Halfway house / squat

  1. Ref: 16099

    A vacant Georgian townhouse with 5 floors and a garden. Available for a limited period. EC1R

    Location 16099 Location 16099 Location 16099
  2. Ref: 15114

    Rowfant House:

    Ground floor of Rowfant House, including wood panelled walls and a selection of rooms suitable for dressing and views out to the grounds.  

    Location 15114 Location 15114 Location 15114
  3. Ref: 14634

    Peckham Liberal Club: Overview

    Authentic retro working men’s club offering a number of vacant entertainment spaces, featuring indoor sports facilities, a theatre, main hall, bars and other similar communal spaces. 


    Location 14634 Location 14634 Location 14634
  4. Ref: 14633

    Peckham Liberal Club: Apartment

    Apartment above is classically retro, dilapidated and mysteriously decorated from previous inhabitants. 


    Location 14633 Location 14633 Location 14633
  5. Ref: 12904

    Boughton Stately Home:

    A 1000 acre estate with magnificent stately home surrounded by manicured gardens and stables with exquisite interiors with traditional furnishings. Includes a derelict wing and a World War Two airfield.

    Location 12904 Location 12904 Location 12904
  6. Ref: 10611

    Beautiful period conversion with shabby chic distressed interiors and a very large garden. W6

    Location 10611 Location 10611 Location 10611
  7. Ref: 9405

    Country Estate with a mix of original interior features and run down spaces. Complete with cafe and ornate chapel. OX14

    Location 9405 Location 9405 Location 9405
  8. Ref: 9347

    Fantastic open-plan apartment with a truly eclectic feel. N1

    Location 9347 Location 9347 Location 9347
  9. Ref: 8145

    Multi-purpose location with modern offices, hi-tech lobby and period house, all set in landscaped grounds near M25

    Location 8145 Location 8145 Location 8145
  10. Ref: 4952

    A run down spacious flat with a great dilapidated feel. E1

    Location 4952 Location 4952 Location 4952