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Boardrooms - hi tech

  1. Ref: 16166

    123 Victoria Street: Level 2

    The new building features a triple height atrium, new clear glass windows and highly efficient floorplates. It also offers three distinct entrances, with the option for a tenant to have their own self-contained reception from the Cathedral Piazza entrance.

    Location 16166 Location 16166 Location 16166
  2. Ref: 15377

    100 Victoria Street:

    100 Victoria Street at Cardinal Place features a sleek, futuristic atrium and 1st floor reception. Available at weekends only. For further information please call James on 0203 77 33 703.

    Location 15377 Location 15377 Location 15377
  3. Ref: 14869

    201 Bishopsgate: 

    Location 14869
  4. Ref: 14092

    Immediate Media: Meeting Rooms

    An ultra-modern office with a unique floating board room, and a variety of glass meeting rooms, as well as multiple open-plan offices. 


    Location 14092 Location 14092 Location 14092
  5. Ref: 14090

    Immediate Media: Floating Board Room

    An ultra-modern office with a unique floating board room, which overlooks the colourful communal area and cafeteria.


    Location 14090 Location 14090 Location 14090
  6. Ref: 13749

    New Street Square:

    New Street Square offers a variety of office and atrium locations set around a green square in the heart of the City. For more information please contact Tom on 020 3773 3705

    Location 13749 Location 13749 Location 13749
  7. Ref: 12962

    City of Westminster College:

    Architecturally striking modern campus building with a vast light-filled atrium, glass-box meeting rooms and large sports hall.

    Location 12962 Location 12962 Location 12962
  8. Ref: 5460

    Architecturally designed building with a multitude of spaces - from a traditional wood panelled dining room through to futuristic modernist rooms

    Location 5460 Location 5460 Location 5460