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We're unique!

We see locations from every angle

We work closely with everyone involved in the location industry:

  • Production Companies
  • Location Managers
  • Location Owners

We understand the needs of these groups and it's our goal to make life easier for all parties.

So if you're a location owner, looking to maximise income for your property through filming, or a location manager or production manager looking for the best possible range of location options within your budget, The Collective offers you a unique, new approach to location management.

Our location library

Most location libraries consist of properties sourced through in-house location scouts or by inviting members of the public to send in images of their property.

We use these methods too, but the majority of the locations in our library are submitted to us by our location manager members, from their own individual portfolios, often on an exclusive basis.

That's why on The Collective website you'll find thousands of fresh, untouched locations, updated on a daily basis, scouted and assessed by professional location managers.

Our members' portfolios

Our location manager members know what makes a great location.  In the course of scouting they find some fantastic, unknown properties and bring them to us, to market to the location industry for filming and photography. 

With our huge database of industry contacts The Collective can create awareness and interest for a wide range of properties with filming or photographic potential.

We're delighted to reward our members for this constant supply of new locations by offering a royalty every time one of the locations they have discovered is hired.  Find out more about our location manager commission system here...

Need a location manager? Need a location scout?

Need a location manager?

The Collective offers a free CV listing service for any production looking to hire a location manager, location scout or unit manager. 

By hiring a member of The Collective, your production has access to a range of industry information-sharing and problem-solving resources:

  • Network of 185 location managers
  • Free unit base database
  • Regular location and news bulletins
  • Exclusive discounts on location supplies and services

If you would like to advertise an opportunity, you can give us the details here.

Are you a location manager?

If you're an experienced location manager and interested in joining The Collective, find out more about the benefits here

Membership is free and always will be.  Give us a call on 0207 284 8910 to find out more about becoming a member of the largest membership organisation for location managers in the UK, and to find out how to add your portfolio of locations to our online library.