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Domestic libraries

  1. Ref: 15196

    West Horsley Place:

    Vacant historic period manor house, filled with untouched rooms and features, surrounded by its own formal gardens and land, with space for a Unit Base on site. KT24

    Location 15196 Location 15196 Location 15196
  2. Ref: 14806

    A large country manor house, surrounded by beautiful grounds and scenic countryside. RH20

    Location 14806 Location 14806 Location 14806
  3. Ref: 14624

    Unique terraced house, eclectic in design. N6

    Location 14624 Location 14624 Location 14624
  4. Ref: 14564

    A beautiful semi-detached family home in North West London with a mixture of modern interiors and original features. NW5

    Location 14564 Location 14564 Location 14564
  5. Ref: 14542

    Willow Bank:

    A stunning family home with original, period features. It boasts a large, modern, urban kitchen and a traditional drawing room overlooking a private garden. TW17

    Location 14542 Location 14542 Location 14542
  6. Ref: 14271

     A traditional family home with contrasting interiors and quirky period features. NW5

    Location 14271 Location 14271 Location 14271
  7. Ref: 14240

    A stunning grand design house with bright modern interior design. KT2

    Location 14240 Location 14240 Location 14240
  8. Ref: 12645

    Eclectic four-storey townhouse packed with period features and antique details. W8

    Location 12645 Location 12645 Location 12645
  9. Ref: 11923

    A magnificent Edwardian villa with bright, white, and airy interiors.  A French country vibe throughout, with beautiful light open-plan kitchen/dining area. SW17

    Location 11923 Location 11923 Location 11923
  10. Ref: 11197

    Beautiful Jacobean country manor house with around 200 acres of land. TN16

    Location 11197 Location 11197 Location 11197