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Roads / streets

  1. Ref: 12739

    BRE Testing Complex:

    A range of working, vacant and disused industrial, office and residential spaces located on a construction environment testing complex.

    Location 12739 Location 12739 Location 12739
  2. Ref: 12505

    Royal Gunpowder Mills:

    The Royal Gunpowder Mills is an important heritage site with a fascinating 300 year history. Set in 170 acres of woodland including derelict outbuildings, disused bunkers and wild landscape settings.

    Location 12505 Location 12505 Location 12505
  3. Ref: 11567

    Brutalist university building with a variety of different spaces including theatre, private service road and access to rooftop.

    Location 11567 Location 11567 Location 11567
  4. Ref: 11271

    Kings College Strand Campus: 

    A variety of interior and exterior spaces including unique lecture theatres, stairwells, an array of corridors varying in style, and a rooftop with London skyline views.


    Location 11271 Location 11271 Location 11271
  5. Ref: 10630

    Large military style site of 76 acres with a variety of buildings and bunkers.

    Location 10630 Location 10630 Location 10630
  6. Ref: 10494

    Wembley Park:

    Wembley Park including Olympic Way, the Boulevard and Arena Square. Very Large unit base area.

    Location 10494 Location 10494 Location 10494
  7. Ref: 10113

    Stunning mansion with grand period rooms, municipal corridors, dingy underground tunnels, and varied gardens including gatehouses, parkland and a lake. NN6

    Location 10113 Location 10113 Location 10113
  8. Ref: 7177

    An incredible castle with 12 distinct bedrooms, outbuildings and cottages and a deer park.

    Location 7177 Location 7177 Location 7177
  9. Ref: 6361

    Beautiful aristocratic interiors, fully furnished. WD6

    Location 6361 Location 6361 Location 6361
  10. Ref: 6332

    Large converted barn and farmyard on cattle farm estate. See also reference 6350. HP5

    Location 6332 Location 6332 Location 6332