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  1. Ref: 10113

    Stunning mansion with grand period rooms, municipal corridors, dingy underground tunnels, and varied gardens including gatehouses, parkland and a lake. NN6

    Location 10113 Location 10113 Location 10113
  2. Ref: 10094

    Stylish family home with a unique exterior facade and modern open plan living areas. E17

    Location 10094 Location 10094 Location 10094
  3. Ref: 10062

    A manor house set within large grounds with ruins of a castle. SG2

    Location 10062 Location 10062 Location 10062
  4. Ref: 10061

    Very large and extremely versatile home with stylish decor, open plan spaces, and plenty of natural light. KT13

    Location 10061 Location 10061 Location 10061
  5. Ref: 10052

    Country manor house in the Palladian style with a unique indoor swimming pool, sun-room, and stunning atrium. HP2

    Location 10052 Location 10052 Location 10052
  6. Ref: 10021

    Eclectic house with a mix of modern and period architecture both inside and out. Set in sprawling parkland. SO21

    Location 10021 Location 10021 Location 10021
  7. Ref: 10010

    Attractive Georgian-style semi-detached home with many original features and a slightly period feel. AL8

    Location 10010 Location 10010 Location 10010
  8. Ref: 10008

    Modern property with rustic charm and an interesting mix of modern and retro features. E2

    Location 10008 Location 10008 Location 10008
  9. Ref: 9971

    Four bedroom terraced house in North London with through reception room and large back garden. N4

    Location 9971 Location 9971 Location 9971
  10. Ref: 9960

    Stylish, light and spacious apartment with a large decked balcony. Plenty of potential for shoots requiring a foreign look-a-like setting. W9

    Location 9960 Location 9960 Location 9960