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  1. Ref: 11796

    Old College Building:

    COCHRAN THEATRE - A double height multi use theatre with a mezzanine level which includes an area overlooking the auditorium. The Cochran theatre has a double height stage area coupled with a painting gallery. It also has direct loading access to the buildings central courtyard. Its most notable hires have used it as a live television broadcast studio, a live music rehearsal space and a build space

    Location 11796 Location 11796 Location 11796
  2. Ref: 11288

    Shoreditch Town Hall: 

    Stunning restored Town Hall built in 1800's with a variety of spaces including Assembly Hall, Council Chambers, and The Ditch (basement)


    Location 11288 Location 11288 Location 11288
  3. Ref: 11259

    Community centre with large hall and stage.

    Location 11259 Location 11259 Location 11259
  4. Ref: 10592

    City of Westminster College:

    Architecturally striking modern campus building with a vast light-filled atrium, glass-box meeting rooms and large sports hall.

    Location 10592 Location 10592 Location 10592
  5. Ref: 7470

    Versatile space with large stage and dressing room/common room area.

    Location 7470 Location 7470 Location 7470
  6. Ref: 7178

    Incredible 1930's Ballroom with adjacent bar and dressing rooms.

    Location 7178 Location 7178 Location 7178
  7. Ref: 7165

    Grand, art deco style hotel.

    Location 7165 Location 7165 Location 7165
  8. Ref: 6521

    Large school campus with a mixture of traditional and modern buildings featuring; classrooms, sports facilities, grand wood panelled dining hall, chapel, theatre, swimming pool etc.

    Location 6521 Location 6521 Location 6521
  9. Ref: 5839

    50's/60's style dance hall and bar with stage.

    Location 5839 Location 5839 Location 5839
  10. Ref: 5809

    Traditional working men's club complete with a large function room, pool hall and stage.

    Location 5809 Location 5809 Location 5809