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woodland / forest

  1. Ref: 10113

    Stunning mansion with grand period rooms, municipal corridors, dingy underground tunnels, and varied gardens including gatehouses, parkland and a lake. NN6

    Location 10113 Location 10113 Location 10113
  2. Ref: 9695

    A beautiful country house with modern decor and expansive grounds including a walled garden, summerhouse, and lake. NR12

    Location 9695 Location 9695 Location 9695
  3. Ref: 9685

    Former monastery built in the 12th century offering huge reception rooms, historic grounds and gardens and a selection of small cottages.

    Location 9685 Location 9685 Location 9685
  4. Ref: 9655

    17th Century Manor House and grounds including secret underground rooms & tunnels, tennis courts and a swimming pool. TN21

    Location 9655 Location 9655 Location 9655
  5. Ref: 8654

     Beautiful converted barn and farmhouse in West Sussex with a mixture of modern and traditional furnishings. RH14

    Location 8654 Location 8654 Location 8654
  6. Ref: 8171

     A Neo Georgian19th century mansion with very stylised interiors set in 40 acres of grounds. AL9

    Location 8171 Location 8171 Location 8171
  7. Ref: 8145

    Multi-purpose location with modern offices, hi-tech lobby and period house, all set in landscaped grounds near M25

    Location 8145 Location 8145 Location 8145
  8. Ref: 7981

    A Grade I listed 11th Century Moated Manor house surrounded by beautiful Victorian garden. GU5

    Location 7981 Location 7981 Location 7981
  9. Ref: 7425

    A Grade II listed cottage with beautiful garden, separate design / production office and small open air stage, all set within expansive grounds of woodland.  RH17

    Location 7425 Location 7425 Location 7425
  10. Ref: 7177

    An incredible castle with 12 distinct bedrooms, outbuildings and cottages and a deer park.

    Location 7177 Location 7177 Location 7177