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Ascot Racecourse

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  1. Ref: 14541

    Period building in the main grounds of Ascot, featuring an empty bar and function room with wood panelling. 

    Location 14541 Location 14541 Location 14541
  2. Ref: 14515

    Housed in the older brick building, the Pavilion offers a large event space, which is perfect for an exhibition location, banqueting hall or town hall location double. There is also a dressed office available for mid-week filming. 

    Location 14515 Location 14515 Location 14515
  3. Ref: 14514

    Various large cark park spaces, with a setting of grass and trees, with views to the exterior buildings of Ascot Racecourse

    Location 14514 Location 14514 Location 14514
  4. Ref: 14513

    Open area of scrubland small lake in a quiet, private setting.

    Location 14513 Location 14513 Location 14513
  5. Ref: 14512

    2 rooftop locations, one textured industrial rooftop with pipes and varying levels, perfect stunt playground. And another viewing platform roof with views across Ascot Racecourse. 

    Location 14512 Location 14512 Location 14512
  6. Ref: 14511

    Empty, vacant period stable block and hardstanding amidst rolling countryside. Controllable street with single storey 60s builds which could be an excellent cul-de-sac or prison camp location double. 

    Location 14511 Location 14511 Location 14511
  7. Ref: 14510

    An array of period and modern outbuildings and exteriors to choose from. From the modern, sleek grandstand to the listed, period exteriors of the Ticket block to a Victorian manor house, and empty stable blocks, Ascot has it all!

    Location 14510 Location 14510 Location 14510
  8. Ref: 14509

    Period exterior buildings to Ascot racecourse with Victorian Buildings overlooking grassland and  a large tiled Victorian tunnel.

    Location 14509 Location 14509 Location 14509
  9. Ref: 14508

    An array of industrial, gritty and period service areas, including a controllable underpass and exterior controllable roads for stunts, many loading bays, a server room and period tiled corridor. 

    Location 14508 Location 14508 Location 14508
  10. Ref: 14507

    A large Victorian building, with servants quarters, tennis court, parking and gardens. Large master bedroom, open grand staircase and large kitchen areas. Period features throughout.

    Location 14507 Location 14507 Location 14507
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