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Blue Fin Building

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  1. Ref: 13550

    Blue Fin Building: 

    Location 13550 Location 13550 Location 13550
  2. Ref: 12048

    Blue Fin Building:

    Amazing glass high-rise building in London with boardrooms and open plan offices and incredible London city views, . 

    Location 12048 Location 12048 Location 12048
  3. Ref: 12047

    Blue Fin Building:

    Fantastic views of the city and St Paul's from Blue Fin's roof terrace, includes a mini garden and bar area. 

    Location 12047 Location 12047 Location 12047
  4. Ref: 12046

    Blue Fin Building:

    An excellent airport or hospital waiting room double, with views over the river and St Pauls. 

    Location 12046 Location 12046 Location 12046
  5. Ref: 12045

    Blue Fin Building:

    A variety of different size meeting rooms with amazing London city views, including views over the City, St Pauls, the Shard and the internal atrium. Includes a lecture theatre and rooftop balcony. 

    Location 12045 Location 12045 Location 12045
  6. Ref: 12043

    Blue Fin Building: 

    Amazing glass interiors with a three storey open plan exhibtion space with views over the shard, a series of walkways crossing the atrium and shiny, modern interiors. 

    Location 12043 Location 12043 Location 12043