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Boats and ships

  1. Ref: 16122

    A 22m luxury houseboat with 3 large outside deck spaces and large open-plan minimal interior. SW6 

    Location 16122 Location 16122 Location 16122
  2. Ref: 14176

    The United Kingdom's leading maritime museum. Situated in Greenwich, the museum contains 10 galleries and a vast collection of artwork, maps, charts and memorabilia.

    Location 14176 Location 14176 Location 14176
  3. Ref: 14175

    A dry-docked British clipper ship situated at the river's edge in Greenwich.

    Location 14175 Location 14175 Location 14175
  4. Ref: 14170

    A collection of esteemed museums encompassing the expansive and photogenic Greenwich Park. The collection consists of a Royal Observatory, a former royal residence, a historic dry-docked ship and the UK's leading maritime museum. 

    Location 14170 Location 14170 Location 14170
  5. Ref: 4169

    Beautiful riverside late Georgian property. TW17

    Location 4169 Location 4169 Location 4169
  6. Ref: 1494

    A turn of the century barge decorated in a modern minimalist style. PO6

    Location 1494 Location 1494 Location 1494