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BRE Testing Complex

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  1. Ref: 12740

    BRE Testing Complex:
    Great controllable Roads available for filming and stunts.  

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  2. Ref: 12739

    BRE Testing Complex:

    Large, mostly unused Lecture Theatre in North London, within a large complex containing other film locations including offices, period manor house and controllable roads.  

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  3. Ref: 11268

    BRE Testing Complex:

    A range of spaces in a construction environment testing centre including industrial, period hallways, office areas and wind tunnel.

    Location 11268 Location 11268 Location 11268
  4. Ref: 11267

    BRE Testing Complex:

    An industrial wind tunnel at a construction environment testing centre.

    Location 11267 Location 11267 Location 11267
  5. Ref: 11266

    BRE Testing Complex:

    An enormous hard standing structures lab at a construction environment testing centre.

    Location 11266 Location 11266 Location 11266
  6. Ref: 11265

    BRE Testing Complex:

    Fire resistant furnace hall with smoke management system

    Location 11265 Location 11265 Location 11265