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Broadgate Tower

  1. Ref: 16138

    Broadgate Tower:

    High-tech & modern office space in Broadgate Tower offering city views and glossy glass surroundings. 

    Location 16138 Location 16138 Location 16138
  2. Ref: 14878

    Broadgate Tower:

    The iconic exteriors of the soaring Broadgate Tower feature glass facades with diagonal cross bracing. This echoes the unique steel a-frames that support the structure and add a sculptural dimension to the exterior space between the Tower and 201 Bishopsgate.

    Location 14878 Location 14878 Location 14878
  3. Ref: 14877

    Broadgate Tower:

    Towering 540ft above London, the rooftop of Broadgate Tower offers 360 degree panoramicviews and floorspace to support a crew of up to 20 persons. 

    Location 14877 Location 14877 Location 14877
  4. Ref: 14876

    Broadgate Tower:

    High-tech & modern atrium space in Broadgate Tower offering vibrant colours and glossy glass surroundings. 

    Location 14876 Location 14876 Location 14876
  5. Ref: 14874

    Broadgate Tower:
    33 storey glass tower in Broadgate Estate, with vibrant coloured escalators, light atrium & rooftop views over London. 

    Location 14874 Location 14874 Location 14874