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  1. Ref: 16210

    3FA Vaults:

    Underground vaults and prison cells.



    Location 16210 Location 16210 Location 16210
  2. Ref: 16139

    3 Finsbury Avenue :

    A modern dressed office atrium available for weekend hires.

    Location 16139 Location 16139 Location 16139
  3. Ref: 14887

    Sunstreet Passage:

    Partly covered pedestrian underpass linking Liverpool Street Station with Exchange Square. Dramatic views between buildings in the heart of the City. 

    Location 14887 Location 14887 Location 14887
  4. Ref: 14886

    Great Western Walkway:

    Covered pedestrian walkway with office entrances and an escalator at the south end. Running from Exchange Square to Liverpool Street Station on the west side. 

    Location 14886 Location 14886 Location 14886
  5. Ref: 14885

    Finsbury House & Square:

    Open plan square with an impressive background of metallic and glazed office buildings. Features a unique grid textured square floor in the centre and a glass bar, echoing the glass features of benches through the square. 

    Location 14885 Location 14885 Location 14885
  6. Ref: 14884

    Exchange House & Square:

    Steel arches support award winning Exchange House and provide a decorative feature that continues as you walk under the building. Steel lattice work and a glass exhibition space beneath offer a great backdrop to Exchange Square or Broadgate Plaza to the North. 

    Location 14884 Location 14884 Location 14884
  7. Ref: 14879

    Broadwalk House:

    The terracotta colour of Broadwalk House rises uniquely within the Broadgate portfolio. This 1980s build on the corner of Blossom Street and Appold Street features a marble inlaid external concourse and sculpted architectural detailing.

    Location 14879 Location 14879 Location 14879
  8. Ref: 14875

    Broadgate Circle: 

    Open space at Broadgate Estate surrounded by impressive office buildings creating a striking background.

    Location 14875 Location 14875 Location 14875
  9. Ref: 14874

    Broadgate Tower:

    33 storey glass tower in Broadgate Estate, with vibrant coloured escalators, light atrium & rooftop views over London. 

    Location 14874 Location 14874 Location 14874
  10. Ref: 14873

    Bishopsgate Arcade:

    Arcade area available for filming on the Broadgate Estate. 

    Location 14873 Location 14873 Location 14873
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