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Buckinghamshire New University

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  1. Ref: 13584

    The Medical Suite at Bucks New Uni - High Wycombe Campus. The teaching room can be split in two or opened up into one larger room or 'ward' with 8 beds and plenty of room for more equipment.

    Location 13584 Location 13584 Location 13584
  2. Ref: 11876

    An overview of Buckinghamshire New University, split across two campuses in High Wycombe and Uxbridge. Multiple film areas including a hospital double and University campus. 

    Location 11876 Location 11876 Location 11876
  3. Ref: 10591

    Expansive and modern educational building with brutalist influences, just outside M25. Lots of filmable areas, including sports hall, boardrooms and recording studio. 

    Location 10591 Location 10591 Location 10591
  4. Ref: 10590

    Expansive working educational building with filmable university areas, including sports hall. 

    Location 10590 Location 10590 Location 10590
  5. Ref: 10015

    Medical facility with modern bright wards and operating theatres, alongside a library, lobby and reception.

    Location 10015 Location 10015 Location 10015