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  1. Ref: 15031

    A range of large, open, modern entrance areas and escalators. 

    Location 15031 Location 15031 Location 15031
  2. Ref: 14701

    Multi-site comprising of large Brutalist style office building, period low-rise offices, dramatic industrial multi- level car parks and controllable roads.

    Location 14701 Location 14701 Location 14701
  3. Ref: 14596

    Beautiful girls' school dating back to 1440, with great Tudor interiors and exteriors, a chapel, library and period classrooms and a fantastic private courtyard with church and period buildings. 

    Location 14596 Location 14596 Location 14596
  4. Ref: 14426

    The exteriors of the offices/commercial/institutional buildings available at GSK Greenford.

    Location 14426 Location 14426 Location 14426
  5. Ref: 14425

    The four floors of vacant offices at GSK Greenford, with a mix of classic 1970s and contemporary open-plan space, and a stunning light-filled atrium.

    Location 14425 Location 14425 Location 14425
  6. Ref: 13727

    Olympia London's conference centre offers auditorium with tiered seating and break-out areas, including reception areas.  Great Lecture theatre or conference centre double. 

    Location 13727 Location 13727 Location 13727
  7. Ref: 13659


    LETHABY BUILDING - Fifth Floor including the top of the stunning main staircase and access to rooftop

    Location 13659 Location 13659 Location 13659
  8. Ref: 13522

    An ultra-modern office with a unique floating board room, various break out spaces and a bright and spacious cafe area, all available for weekend filming. 

    Location 13522 Location 13522 Location 13522
  9. Ref: 13375

    Kingswood is an exciting and exclusive new film location, offering a mix of brutalist and contemporary architecture all nestled in the middle of a private, leafy estate. Kingswood offers foreign double exteriors, a unique atrium, office space, sports facilities as well an array of quads and courtyards.

    Location 13375 Location 13375 Location 13375
  10. Ref: 13275

    Ultra-modern office with chic reception and communal areas available for weekend filming.

    Location 13275 Location 13275 Location 13275