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Corridors - domestic

  1. Ref: 15196

    Vacant historic period manor house, filled with untouched rooms and features, surrounded by its own formal gardens and land.

    Location 15196 Location 15196
  2. Ref: 15115

    First floor of Rowfant house with original wood beams, fireplaces and wooden straircases. 

    Location 15115 Location 15115 Location 15115
  3. Ref: 15037

     A vacant former friary with a mix of architectural styles and additional space for production offices. N2

    Location 15037 Location 15037 Location 15037
  4. Ref: 14997

    Modern contemporary apartment with 360 degree river and city views. Additional parking - 2 underground spaces available. Also available for use as crew support and storage for productions filming around SE1. 

    Location 14997 Location 14997 Location 14997
  5. Ref: 14906

    Large off-site detached house with extensive gardens surrounding the property. Parquet flooring throughout the ground floor hall leading to various living spaces and conservatory area. 

    Location 14906 Location 14906 Location 14906
  6. Ref: 14905

    Off-site detahced house with long garden, conservatory area, open kitchen-dining space and various living areas. 

    Location 14905 Location 14905 Location 14905
  7. Ref: 14634

    Authentic retro working men’s club offering a number of vacant entertainment spaces, featuring indoor sports facilities, a theatre, main hall, bars and other similar communal spaces.

    Location 14634 Location 14634 Location 14634
  8. Ref: 14633

    Apartment above is classically retro, dilapidated and mysteriously decorated from previous inhabitants.

    Location 14633 Location 14633 Location 14633
  9. Ref: 14624

    Unique terraced house, eclectic in design. Includes 3 bedrooms, 3 reception areas, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen, each embodying various styles from Contemporary to Victorian. Large back garden and balcony view over the terrace.

    Location 14624 Location 14624 Location 14624
  10. Ref: 14564

    A beautiful semi-detached family home in North West London with a mixture of modern interiors and original features. NW5

    Location 14564 Location 14564 Location 14564