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*FEATURED* The British Land Collection

  1. Ref: 16227

    Paddington Central 4 Kingdom Street:

    A modern rooftop space at Paddington Central with impressive views over London and a basketball court.

    Location 16227 Location 16227 Location 16227
  2. Ref: 16142

     3 Finsbury Avenue : Level 6

    A modern office space within the Broadgate Estate. This partly dressed floor has a stunning glass breakout area, numerous individual glass meeting rooms, and a kitchen. All available for mid-week filming. 

    Location 16142 Location 16142 Location 16142
  3. Ref: 16140

     3 Finsbury Avenue :

    A modern office space with 2 vacant floors. This stunning atrium leading off from Finsbury Avenue Square is available for weekend filming. 

    Location 16140 Location 16140 Location 16140
  4. Ref: 16139

    3 Finsbury Avenue :

    A modern office with an atrium and two vacant floors. The impressive vacant floors are available for mid-week filming, and the atrium is available on weekends. One of the vacant floors is partly dressed and features a stunning glass breakout area. 

    Location 16139 Location 16139 Location 16139
  5. Ref: 16138

    Broadgate Tower:

    High-tech & modern office space in Broadgate Tower offering city views and glossy glass surroundings. 

    Location 16138 Location 16138 Location 16138
  6. Ref: 15465

    Blossom Street:

    Flexible Victorian warehouse spaces full of character - original industrial fittings, countless different backdrops, exposed brickwork and parquet flooring. On site parking available.

    Location 15465 Location 15465 Location 15465
  7. Ref: 15191

    Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre:

    Ealing Broadway W5 offers a selection of interesting open spaces and versatile shopping areas. 

    Location 15191 Location 15191 Location 15191
  8. Ref: 15190

    Ealing Shopping Centre: 

    The car park at Ealing Broadway offering interesting spaces and an external rooftop space. 

    Location 15190 Location 15190 Location 15190
  9. Ref: 15189

    Crystal House - Ealing:

    Crystal House is a fantastic location offering a derelict industrial feel with huge potential. 

    Location 15189 Location 15189 Location 15189
  10. Ref: 15188

    Ealing Shopping Centre: 

    Ealing W5 offers a variety of spaces including the town square area, multi-storey car park & Crystal House - an interesting derelict office space. 

    Location 15188 Location 15188 Location 15188