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Highgate School

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  1. Ref: 15158

    Highgate School: Additional Areas

    A selection of additional areas around the Highgate site, including an exhibitiion/gallery space, art classrooms and sports field. 


    Location 15158 Location 15158 Location 15158
  2. Ref: 15151

    Highgate School: Library

    A beautiful modern library housed in an original period building at Highgate. 


    Location 15151 Location 15151 Location 15151
  3. Ref: 15150

    Highgate School: Stairways & Corridors

    A selection of corridors and stairs ranging from period staircases in the original buildings to modern underpasses and more institutional walkways. 


    Location 15150 Location 15150 Location 15150
  4. Ref: 15149

    Highgate School: Junior School

    An amazing new and modern junior site at Highgate School featuring beautiful light and bright spaces, interesting staircases and great exterior areas. 


    Location 15149 Location 15149 Location 15149
  5. Ref: 15148

    Highgate School: Senior School, School

    School facilities at Highgate with a selection of modern classrooms, school chapel and beautiful period atrium spaces. 


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  6. Ref: 15147

    Highgate School: 

    Exteriors of the senior site at Highgate, doubling perfectly as embassy buildings, hospitals, police stations and with the opportunity of unit base parking at the rear.


    Location 15147 Location 15147 Location 15147
  7. Ref: 15145

    Highgate School: Overview

    The exciting Highgate site offers a selection of original period school buildings contrasted with additional new modern spaces. There's a variety of classrooms and auditoriums as well as the school chapel. 

    Location 15145 Location 15145 Location 15145