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Vacant - Hospitals

  1. Ref: 14701

    Multi-site comprising of large Brutalist style office building, period low-rise offices, dramatic industrial multi- level car parks and controllable roads.



    Location 14701 Location 14701 Location 14701
  2. Ref: 14699

    Variety of non-height-restricted, basement-style and multi-level car parks with unique features including Brutalist detailing, dramatic height, and train track views.



    Location 14699 Location 14699 Location 14699
  3. Ref: 12659

    A vacant medical centre which forms part of the large Buller Barracks military site.  This Medical clinic could double as a morgue, hospital or nursing centre. 

    Location 12659 Location 12659 Location 12659
  4. Ref: 12197

    The Bisley Camp offers a unique landscape of colonial American-inspired buildings and infrastructure.

    Location 12197 Location 12197
  5. Ref: 4737

    Vacant dressed hospital wards for midweek filming. Within 3 miles of M25

    Location 4737 Location 4737 Location 4737