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  1. Ref: 14902

    Unique tiled basements and service areas with separate access via the back of the property. Also with original service bells and features.



    Location 14902 Location 14902 Location 14902
  2. Ref: 14896

    A Grand period Mansion with Victorian facade and both Georgian and Baroque style interiors now operating as an independent School for the Arts. Unique features include wood panelled rooms, tiled original service corridors and Christopher Wren staircase.

    Location 14896 Location 14896 Location 14896
  3. Ref: 14701

    Multi-site comprising of large Brutalist style office building, period low-rise offices, dramatic industrial multi- level car parks and controllable roads.

    Location 14701 Location 14701 Location 14701
  4. Ref: 14506

    Brilliant five storey main Boulevard with racetrack and grandstand. Great controllable location double for an airport or shopping centre, and lots of vacant bars and restaurants available mid-week and weekends. Fantastic controllable underpass and service areas.  

    Location 14506 Location 14506 Location 14506
  5. Ref: 14502

     A vacant 14th floor stylish office, stunning lobby and modern roof terrace situated in Paddington with distant views of Central London.

    Location 14502 Location 14502 Location 14502
  6. Ref: 14426

    The exteriors of the offices/commercial/institutional buildings available at GSK Greenford.

    Location 14426 Location 14426 Location 14426
  7. Ref: 14425

    The four floors of vacant offices at GSK Greenford, with a mix of classic 1970s and contemporary open-plan space, and a stunning light-filled atrium.

    Location 14425 Location 14425 Location 14425
  8. Ref: 14413

    The Centre features a number of interesting period corridors built from a combination of brick, stone and marble. For more information please call James on 0203 77 33 703.

    Location 14413 Location 14413 Location 14413
  9. Ref: 14412

    A bright canteen space situated on the wide, sweeping lower level of the Centre. Features original 1920s wall hangers! For more information please call James on 0203 77 33 703.

    Location 14412 Location 14412 Location 14412
  10. Ref: 14411

    An impressive red-bricked hall with space to seat 300 people. A beautiful curved ceiling spans the length of the room while Tuscan arches and twin oak doors give the hall a distinctly Mediterranean flavour. For more information please call James on 0203 77 33 703.

    Location 14411 Location 14411 Location 14411
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