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Hotels / hostels

  1. Ref: 15204

    Additional aread of MK Dons featuring various bar and restaurant spaces. 

    Location 15204 Location 15204 Location 15204
  2. Ref: 15113

    Beautiful gardens and exteriors or Rowfant House, with driveways leading up to the property and a selection of wooded areas and views of the house. 

    Location 15113 Location 15113 Location 15113
  3. Ref: 15112

    A beautiful manor house built in the 15th century featuring a selection of wood panelled rooms. Rowfant is also surrounded by 22 acres of land including a lake and woodlands. 

    Location 15112 Location 15112 Location 15112
  4. Ref: 15096

    A variety of period spaces, including a grand split staircases & tiled corridors.

    Location 15096 Location 15096 Location 15096
  5. Ref: 15024

    A variety of modern restaurants and light open bars.

    Location 15024 Location 15024 Location 15024
  6. Ref: 14873

    Arcade area available for filming on the Broadgate Estate. 

    Location 14873 Location 14873 Location 14873
  7. Ref: 14674

    A section of stunning, highly finished and clean conference rooms of varying sizes together with stunning views of the Thames. The beautiful reception can pose extremely well as any from a hotel lobby, office reception and even an airport lounge.

    Location 14674 Location 14674 Location 14674
  8. Ref: 14522

    A semi-vacant Victorian manor house with authentic period entrance hall, reception, library and study. Many more rooms that can be easily dressed period.

    Location 14522 Location 14522 Location 14522
  9. Ref: 14502

     A vacant 14th floor stylish office, stunning lobby and modern roof terrace situated in Paddington with distant views of Central London.

    Location 14502 Location 14502 Location 14502
  10. Ref: 13703

    Olympia London's Pillar Hall is a fantastic period function room on the ground floor with marble columns and ornate decor.  Also has its own street entrance and breakout areas. 

    Location 13703 Location 13703 Location 13703