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Kings College Strand Campus

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  1. Ref: 15185

    Kings College Strand Campus: Virginia Woolf Building Rooftop

    Several rooftops offering views of London.

    Location 15185 Location 15185 Location 15185
  2. Ref: 12273

    Kings College Strand Campus: The Maughan Library Rooftop

    A stunning 19th Century building with a unique rooftop featuring steeples, chimneys and old brick as well as more industrial-style aesthetics. The backdrop and surroundings provide a beautiful combination of old and modern structures.

    Location 12273 Location 12273
  3. Ref: 12272

    Kings College Strand Campus: Interiors

    A variety of unique interior spaces, featuring a stunning lecture room which could double as a court room, as well as an amazing chapel and an array of corridors, all different styles.

    Location 12272 Location 12272 Location 12272
  4. Ref: 12271

    Kings College Strand Campus: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

    A variety of unique lecture theatres which could double as a court room. 

    Location 12271 Location 12271 Location 12271
  5. Ref: 12269

    Kings College Strand Campus: Chapel

    A magnificent chapel at the Strand Campus of King's College London, featuring stunning stained-glass windows, red-cushioned pews and opulent decor throughout.


    Location 12269 Location 12269 Location 12269
  6. Ref: 11271

    Kings College Strand Campus: Overview

    A variety of interior and exterior spaces including unique lecture theatres, stairwells, an array of corridors varying in style, and a rooftop with London skyline views.


    Location 11271 Location 11271 Location 11271
  7. Ref: 11145

    Kings College Stand Campus: The Maughan Library

    Stunning library with circular reading room, period exteriors which double the Houses of Parliament. 

    Location 11145 Location 11145 Location 11145
  8. Ref: 11143

    Kings College Strand Campus: Rooftop

    Several rooftops offering panoramic views of London.

    Location 11143 Location 11143 Location 11143
  9. Ref: 11141

    Kings College Strand Campus: Streets

    A range of exterior corridors, tunnel walkways and steps.

    Location 11141 Location 11141 Location 11141
  10. Ref: 11140

    Kings College Strand Campus: Quad & Terrace

    A range of stairways, corridors and exterior spaces including a period spiral glass-topped staircase.

    Location 11140 Location 11140 Location 11140