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Residential - local authority

  1. Ref: 16306

    A lovely 4 bedroom flat with open plan living and dining area. E2

    Location 16306 Location 16306 Location 16306
  2. Ref: 14505

    Ascot Racecourse:

    Fantastic, large, multi-complex site with a variety of period and modern buildings with a great airport double, service areas and vacant period manor.  

    Location 14505 Location 14505 Location 14505
  3. Ref: 14059

    Wellesley Barracks - Buller Barracks:

    Courtyard featuring a number of ex-military barracks, including Dormitories. A range of filmable exterior areas, which make great film location doubles for Local Authority housing and Eastern Bloc Locations. GU11

    Location 14059 Location 14059 Location 14059
  4. Ref: 11944

    1960s School Block


    Location 11944 Location 11944 Location 11944