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Locations with Production Facilities

  1. Ref: 14758

    An attractive converted Victorian ragged school with a large car park and large office and hall

    Location 14758 Location 14758 Location 14758
  2. Ref: 14702

    Multi-site comprising of large Brutalist style office building, period low-rise offices, dramatic industrial multi- level car parks and controllable roads



    Location 14702 Location 14702 Location 14702
  3. Ref: 14284

    Fantastic alternative set-build space with functioning and recently renovated production offices available for hire.

    Location 14284 Location 14284 Location 14284
  4. Ref: 13173

    Overview of a multi-purpose location with modern offices, hi-tech lobby and period house, all set in landscaped grounds near M25. Also see listings 8142, 8143 and 8145. 

    Location 13173 Location 13173 Location 13173
  5. Ref: 13171

    Huge partly vacant company headquarters commercial complex. Contrasting period and modern sections. SL2

    Location 13171 Location 13171 Location 13171
  6. Ref: 12993

    Vacant college campus with a huge array of spaces including two art deco staircases, numerous municipal corridors, large halls of various decorative style, industrial cityscapes, underground carpark, and a huge vacant 1970s office block.

    Location 12993 Location 12993 Location 12993
  7. Ref: 11937


    Location 11937 Location 11937 Location 11937
  8. Ref: 11786

    14 acres, woodland, meadow, 8,988 ft barn, 7,583 ft glasshouse, various 1930’s derelict greenhouses, car park

    Location 11786 Location 11786 Location 11786
  9. Ref: 10560

    An overview of WL Studios. A vacant television studio site with four sound stages, 3 smaller broadcasting studios with a huge amount of office, storage and parking.

    Location 10560 Location 10560 Location 10560
  10. Ref: 7293

    Empty college campus, equipped with swimming pool, class rooms, gym, squash courts, sports hall and dormitories.

    Location 7293 Location 7293 Location 7293