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*NEW* The Old Hall

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  1. Ref: 15365

    The Old Hall: 

    The first floor of The Old Hall provides more beautiful flooring and light open spaces with a fantastic industrial derelict feeling. 

    Location 15365 Location 15365 Location 15365
  2. Ref: 15364

    The Old Hall: 

    The vast ground floor of The Old Hall with various smaller rooms, all with beautiful parquet flooring and art deco features. 

    Location 15364 Location 15364 Location 15364
  3. Ref: 15363

    The Old Hall:

    The red brick exteriors of The Old Hall, offering great double opportunities for filming. 

    Location 15363 Location 15363 Location 15363
  4. Ref: 15362

    The Old Hall: 

    The Old Hall is a beautiful derelict building featuring parquet flooring and unusual light wells in the ceiling. 

    Location 15362 Location 15362 Location 15362