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Olympia London

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  1. Ref: 13727

    Olympia London:

    Olympia London's conference centre offers auditorium with tiered seating and break-out areas, including reception areas.  Great Lecture theatre or conference centre double. 

    Location 13727 Location 13727 Location 13727
  2. Ref: 13708

    Olympia London:

    Olympia Central provides 2 levels of conference space and great film location doubles for airport lounges, high-tech space and Art gallery space. 

    Location 13708 Location 13708 Location 13708
  3. Ref: 13707

    Olympia London:

    Split into 2 levels, Olympia West offers 2 sleek modern spaces, the lower room can be blacked out. Perfect for car-shoots, and a car lift operates between both spaces. 

    Location 13707 Location 13707 Location 13707
  4. Ref: 13706

    Olympia London:

    8,730m2 of drive in access space with mezzanine level. Connected to the Olympia Grand with shutter doors. 

    Location 13706 Location 13706 Location 13706
  5. Ref: 13705

    Olympia London:

    Olympia Grand is the largest venue at 14, 355m2 with its own mezzanine level. With a fantastic glass domed ceiling, this the perfect London train station double. 

    Location 13705 Location 13705 Location 13705
  6. Ref: 13703

    Olympia London:

    Olympia London's Pillar Hall is a fantastic period function room on the ground floor with marble columns and ornate decor.  Also has its own street entrance and breakout areas. 

    Location 13703 Location 13703 Location 13703
  7. Ref: 13702

    Olympia London:

    Olympia London in West London offers a multitude of filming locations including two fantastic exhibition halls with domed glass ceilings and period exteriors. 

    Location 13702 Location 13702 Location 13702