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Regent's Place

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  1. Ref: 14954

    Regents Place:

    Underground industrial looking carpark & service areas at Regent's Place with controllable ramps and double height ceilings in particular areas. 

    Location 14954 Location 14954 Location 14954
  2. Ref: 14953

    Regents Place:

    Various modern and stylish office atriums in Regent's Place. 

    Location 14953 Location 14953 Location 14953
  3. Ref: 14952

    Regents Place:

    A variety of exteriors at Regent's Place, including walkways & glass fronted office buildings.  

    Location 14952 Location 14952 Location 14952
  4. Ref: 14951

    Regents Place:

    A 13 acre campus in London's West End, with a huge variety of modern and stylish office exteriors and atriums, open public spaces and a selection of rooftops and service areas. 

    Location 14951 Location 14951 Location 14951