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Swimming pool

  1. Ref: 14603

    A beautiful Georgian home with later modernist modifications, with contemporary interiors. NW7

    Location 14603 Location 14603 Location 14603
  2. Ref: 14531

     A large arts and crafts style new build, with beautiful extensive gardens, a pool and a large driveway. Stables and a large garage and space for parking. RH5

    Location 14531 Location 14531 Location 14531
  3. Ref: 14240

    A stunning grand design house with bright modern interior design. KT2

    Location 14240 Location 14240 Location 14240
  4. Ref: 14238

    An extremely large, recently modernised Georgian mansion with an architecturally stunning glass extension featuring a gym, home cinema and games room. NW7

    Location 14238 Location 14238 Location 14238
  5. Ref: 14199

    Large flint-stone barn in 38 acres with internal courtyard, pool area, parkland, paddocks, lake and fabulous views over London. KT24

    Location 14199 Location 14199 Location 14199
  6. Ref: 14081

    An Edwardian Country House set in 3 acres with a swimming pool and tennis court. GU10

    Location 14081 Location 14081 Location 14081
  7. Ref: 13576

    Large, beautifully decorated house in NW London set in 0.75 acres of land with a double aspect lounge, an indoor swimming pool, and a spacious back garden. NW7

    Location 13576 Location 13576 Location 13576
  8. Ref: 13402

    Recently renovated Victorian 6 bedroom house with a recreation room and a terrace.

    Location 13402 Location 13402 Location 13402
  9. Ref: 13050

    A unique grand design property with light-filled living spaces and a subterranean swimming pool. NW1

    Location 13050 Location 13050 Location 13050
  10. Ref: 13028

    Unique modernist home with lovingly restored interiors and early-mid 20th century furnishings. HP7

    Location 13028 Location 13028 Location 13028