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Unit Bases

  1. Ref: 14289

    An enormously diverse range of filming areas sprawling across a vast expanse of land in South East London with an incredible City backdrop and the iconic O2 centre.

    Location 14289 Location 14289 Location 14289
  2. Ref: 13935

    Boasting two large studios and a wide range of production accommodation including offices, dressing rooms, costume, hair and makeup facilities and workshops. All within the M25.

    Location 13935 Location 13935 Location 13935
  3. Ref: 13277

    Ultra-modern office with chic reception and communal areas available for weekend filming.

    Location 13277 Location 13277 Location 13277
  4. Ref: 12825

    The ex-military barracks offers a number of controllable roads with a additional security huts and gates. 

    Location 12825 Location 12825 Location 12825
  5. Ref: 12068

    EXCEL CENTRE: East Exterior 

    Location 12068 Location 12068 Location 12068
  6. Ref: 12008

    Grade 1 listed exteriors of Walton Court with great brutalist features and a courtyard in the centre. 

    Location 12008 Location 12008 Location 12008
  7. Ref: 11947

    LANGLEYBURY MANSION AND SCHOOL: B Block (Production Offices)

    See 11937 for an Overview listing of Langleybury Mansion and School

    Location 11947 Location 11947 Location 11947
  8. Ref: 11268

    A range of spaces in a construction environment testing centre including industrial, period hallways, office areas and wind tunnel.

    Location 11268 Location 11268 Location 11268