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  1. Ref: 14859

    An elegant Victorian conservatory with tiled floors and hanging lights, standing in a stylish terraced area next to the museum. 

    Location 14859 Location 14859 Location 14859
  2. Ref: 14858

    A modern, light and airy space with floor to ceiling windows and views over London. 

    Location 14858 Location 14858 Location 14858
  3. Ref: 14857

    Open grassland area surrounding the museum consisting of a Victorian bandstand, formal gardens, small wooded areas and views over London. 

    Location 14857 Location 14857 Location 14857
  4. Ref: 14856

    A period museum featuring a variety of Victorian taxidermy cabinets as well as a contrasting modern atrium, aquarium, music room and cafe.

    Location 14856 Location 14856 Location 14856