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  1. Ref: 15340

    St Ann's Hospital:

    A vacant period hospital space, with a gallery level overlooking the floor below. Includes original features dating back to the late 1800s.

    Location 15340 Location 15340 Location 15340
  2. Ref: 15106

    St Ann's Hospital: 

    Outbuildings at St Ann's with controllable cobble streets. 

    Location 15106 Location 15106 Location 15106
  3. Ref: 15102

    St Ann's Hospital:


    Location 15102 Location 15102 Location 15102
  4. Ref: 15101

    St Ann's Hospital:

    Block C at St Ann's features 

    Location 15101 Location 15101 Location 15101
  5. Ref: 15100

    St Ann's Hospital:

    Block 6 is another vacant area of St Ann's, with original red brick features and a variety of spaces for dressing. 

    Location 15100 Location 15100 Location 15100
  6. Ref: 15099

    St Ann's Hospital: 

    The Admin Building at St Ann's Hospital with original double height operating room, a variety of institutional corridors & additional spaces.


    Location 15099 Location 15099 Location 15099
  7. Ref: 15098

    St Ann's Hospital: 

    Exteriors of St Ann's hospital, showcasing its original red brick features. Also includes a water tower and various walkways. 

    Location 15098 Location 15098 Location 15098