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  1. Ref: 15115

    Rowfant House:

    First floor of Rowfant house with original wood beams, fireplaces and wooden staircases. 

    Location 15115 Location 15115 Location 15115
  2. Ref: 15114

    Rowfant House:

    Ground floor of Rowfant House, including wood panelled walls and a selection of rooms suitable for dressing and views out to the grounds.  

    Location 15114 Location 15114 Location 15114
  3. Ref: 15113

    Rowfant House:

    Beautiful gardens and exteriors or Rowfant House, with driveways leading up to the property and a selection of wooded areas and views of the house. RH10

    Location 15113 Location 15113 Location 15113