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  1. Ref: 15975

    Twickenham Stadium:

    Twickenham's ground level stadium car park is ideal for any unit base or filming. As well as this, the circular service corridor can double as a multi storey car park and the concourse area can double as an underground road or car park.

    Location 15975 Location 15975 Location 15975
  2. Ref: 15974

    Twickenham Stadium:

    A diverse range of bars, varying in sizes and styles, which could be doubled as nightclubs or intimate and opulent private bars. The unique wine cellar is also a hidden gem within the stadium! 

    Location 15974 Location 15974 Location 15974
  3. Ref: 15973

    Twickenham Stadium:

    A variety of conference spaces in varying sizes and some auditorium spaces that could double as a school assembly hall or university lecture hall. 

    Location 15973 Location 15973 Location 15973
  4. Ref: 15972

    Twickenham Stadium:

    Vast, controllable, underground service areas and car parking.

    Location 15972 Location 15972 Location 15972
  5. Ref: 15971

    Twickenham Stadium:

    Multiple commercial kitchen areas, varying in sizes.

    Location 15971 Location 15971 Location 15971
  6. Ref: 15970

    Twickenham stadium :

    A full-sized rugby pitch and iconic backdrop as well as extensive sports facilities including a high spec gym, changing room, a press room and private boxes.

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  7. Ref: 15969

    Twickenham Stadium: Corridors

    A multitude of corridors throughout the stadium, varying in width and length.

    Location 15969 Location 15969 Location 15969
  8. Ref: 15968

    Twickenham Stadium:

    A wide range of stadium boxes varying in size, each with a small storage room and worktop area with mini fridge. An impressive private dining area which could double as a high spec boardroom or office. 

    Location 15968 Location 15968 Location 15968
  9. Ref: 15967

    Twickenham Stadium:

    Various styles of staircases throughout the stadium, ranging from domestic style, to urban, to commercial building styles.

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  10. Ref: 15966

    Twickenham Stadium :

    An extensive site including a multitude of exterior locations such as car park, urban staircases, concrete concourses, rugby pitch, and pedestrian areas.

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