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Walton Court

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  1. Ref: 12017

    Walton Court:

    Iconic brutalist three storey office block with a rich variety of office interiors with a sixties corporate style.


    Location 12017 Location 12017 Location 12017
  2. Ref: 12014

    Walton Court:

    Rooftops of Walton Court looking over the central courtyard and surround area. 

    Location 12014 Location 12014 Location 12014
  3. Ref: 12013

    Walton Court:

    Second office floor of Walton Court with various boardrooms, offices and a canteen space.

    Location 12013 Location 12013 Location 12013
  4. Ref: 12012

    Walton Court:

    60's style office floor at Walton Court with boardroom areas, offices and views in to the central courtyard. 

    Location 12012 Location 12012 Location 12012
  5. Ref: 12011

    Walton Court:

    Ground floor vacant office space at Walton Court .

    Location 12011 Location 12011 Location 12011
  6. Ref: 12010

    Walton Court:

    Amazing reception space at Walton Court with double lift, wood panelling and marble walls.

    Location 12010 Location 12010 Location 12010
  7. Ref: 12008

    Walton Court:

    Grade 1 listed exteriors of Walton Court with great brutalist features and a courtyard in the centre. 

    Location 12008 Location 12008 Location 12008