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  1. Ref: 15164

    This photographic studio is a unique 2,400 sq ft space in the Harringay Warehouse District, available to hire for photography, filming and events.

    Location 15164 Location 15164 Location 15164
  2. Ref: 15135

    Exhibition space of Crossness with small breakout areas and removeable fixtures and fittings. 

    Location 15135 Location 15135 Location 15135
  3. Ref: 15134

    The exteriors of Crossness with plenty of original features, multiple access points and ample parking on site. 

    Location 15134 Location 15134 Location 15134
  4. Ref: 15133

    The original pump house at Crossness, housing the four original pumps over three floors. 

    Location 15133 Location 15133 Location 15133
  5. Ref: 15123

    The 2,430m2 exhibition hall with ground floor vehicle access and various balcony areas.  

    Location 15123 Location 15123 Location 15123
  6. Ref: 14757

    An attractive converted Victorian ragged school with a large car park and large office and hall

    Location 14757 Location 14757 Location 14757
  7. Ref: 14693

    Vacant Mechanics Warehouse space with roller shutter door access

    Location 14693 Location 14693 Location 14693
  8. Ref: 14692

    50 000 sq ft decommissioned warehouse space, industrial interiors and exteriors with ample parking

    Location 14692 Location 14692 Location 14692
  9. Ref: 14554

    Large vacant period industrial space complete with a range of machinery, derelict spaces, and fantastic period industrial features, and also featuring a private wharf.

    Location 14554 Location 14554 Location 14554
  10. Ref: 14552

    Large vacant period industrial exteriors and gangways, complete with a range of machinery in situ, a canal complete with access to moorings for canal boats, and also featuring a private wharf.

    Location 14552 Location 14552 Location 14552