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Wasteland / Urban grit

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  1. Ref: 14554

    Large vacant period industrial space complete with a range of machinery, derelict spaces, and fantastic period industrial features, and also featuring a private wharf.

    Location 14554 Location 14554 Location 14554
  2. Ref: 14552

    Large vacant period industrial exteriors and gangways, complete with a range of machinery in situ, a canal complete with access to moorings for canal boats, and also featuring a private wharf.

    Location 14552 Location 14552 Location 14552
  3. Ref: 14513

    Open area of scrubland small lake in a quiet, private setting.

    Location 14513 Location 14513 Location 14513
  4. Ref: 14299

    An area of controllable road and exteriors self-contained next to the Thames Off Slip and opposite Peninsula Quays. Ideal for parking or filming.

    Location 14299 Location 14299 Location 14299
  5. Ref: 14298

    A unique 22,000sqft area of flat event space with incredible views of the City.

    Location 14298 Location 14298 Location 14298
  6. Ref: 14297

    A secure space opposite The Showman's Ground at Greenwich Peninsula which is ideal to service the surrounding areas or an area for a controlled area for a variety of filming.

    Location 14297 Location 14297 Location 14297
  7. Ref: 14296

    Sat opposite the Peter's Pies Tech Base and Hardstanding area and within range of Peninsula Quays, the Wasteland and Thames Off Slip, the Showman's Ground offers a controllable road, views of the iconic O2 and a large space for filming and controlled stunts.

    Location 14296 Location 14296 Location 14296
  8. Ref: 14289

    An enormously diverse range of filming areas sprawling across a vast expanse of land in South East London with an incredible City backdrop and the iconic O2 centre.

    Location 14289 Location 14289 Location 14289
  9. Ref: 13446

    Large areas of wasteland for productions to play with, great scrubland and caravan yard doubles. 

    Location 13446 Location 13446 Location 13446
  10. Ref: 13444

    13, 000 sq ft of pillarless set-build space with over 30ft height clearance, and on-site production offices.  Positioned just West of the M25 Henley Hangar is the pefect production base for TV dramas or Films. 

    Location 13444 Location 13444 Location 13444
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