HDS Studios, Hayes

Within M25, between M4 and A40


london studios and filming pillarless

Vacant and available; we bring you 28,000 sqft of sound stage PLUS production facilities.

Situated in Hayes Middlesex, HDS Studios is a cost-effective alternative to a facilitated studio, catering for most scales of production with the flexibility of both expansive set-build stages.

Both the stages and main buildings at HDS Studios have recently been refurbished, including installations of top-grade facilities. Bring your production here to enjoy:

  • 4 large sound stages (24 ft height clearance) totalling 28,000 sqft
  • 3 smaller broadcasting stages/ propstores/ workshops
  • Production office space
  • Equipment storage
  • Workshop areas
  • Dressing rooms
  • On-site unit parking (120 bays)

Stage 3 - Newly refurbished, stage 3 offers 8,400 sqft of studio space with 24 ft height clearance, 3 phase power, and a cyc set-up.

Stage 6 - 9,000 sq ft, Stage is the second stage to get a make-over.

london studios and filming pillarless

The Stages

HDS Studios has four large sound stages all with 24 ft height clearance:

Stage 1 - 6,210sqft (69ft x 90ft)

Stage 2 - 5,796sqft (84ft x 69ft)

Stage 3 - 8,400sqft (105ft x 92ft)

Stage 6 - 8,514sqft (66ft x 129ft)

TOTAL: 28,900 sqft


The Production offices

There is a wealth of production office space divided into three demarked and controllable areas within the site:

Main Building: Ground floor - over 9,000sqft

Main Building: First floor - over 10,000sqft

Stage 5: First floor - 2,875sqft

Additional office space around the site - 7,500sqft

TOTAL: 28,500sqft +

The production offices have recently undergone extensive renovation works.

Interested? Get in touch with Su today on 0203 7733 709 or email her