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Basements and bunkers

  1. Ref: 15026

    Vast controllable, underground service areas with ramp entrances. 

    Location 15026 Location 15026 Location 15026
  2. Ref: 14945

    The iconic Leadenhall skyscraper in the City of London, with panoramic views, a range of rooftop spaces, service areas, public space and striking glass lifts.  

    Location 14945 Location 14945 Location 14945
  3. Ref: 14938

    Industrial looking service areas within the third basement of the Leadenhall Building including vehicle lifts down from ground floor level. 

    Location 14938 Location 14938 Location 14938
  4. Ref: 14937

    Bike tunnel at the back of the Leadenhall Building leading the the first basement. 

    Location 14937 Location 14937 Location 14937
  5. Ref: 14902

    Unique tiled basements and service areas with separate access via the back of the property. Also with original service bells and features.



    Location 14902 Location 14902 Location 14902
  6. Ref: 14896

    A Grand period Mansion with Victorian facade and both Georgian and Baroque style interiors now operating as an independent School for the Arts. Unique features include wood panelled rooms, tiled original service corridors and Christopher Wren staircase.

    Location 14896 Location 14896 Location 14896
  7. Ref: 14776

    Spectacular Livery Building in the heart of the city.

    Location 14776 Location 14776 Location 14776
  8. Ref: 14698

    Spacious working plant rooms with industrial feel.

    Location 14698 Location 14698 Location 14698
  9. Ref: 14596

    Beautiful girls' school dating back to 1440, with great Tudor interiors and exteriors, a chapel, library and period classrooms and a fantastic private courtyard with church and period buildings. 

    Location 14596 Location 14596 Location 14596
  10. Ref: 14554

    Large vacant period industrial space complete with a range of machinery, derelict spaces, and fantastic period industrial features, and also featuring a private wharf.

    Location 14554 Location 14554 Location 14554