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Eastern Bloc Double

  1. Ref: 14427

    The gritty industrial exteriors available at GSK Greenford.

    Location 14427 Location 14427 Location 14427
  2. Ref: 14426

    The exteriors of the offices/commercial/institutional buildings available at GSK Greenford.

    Location 14426 Location 14426 Location 14426
  3. Ref: 14059

    Courtyard featuring a number of ex-military barracks, including Dormitories. A range of filmable exterior areas, which make great film location doubles for Local Authority housing and Eastern Bloc Locations.

    Location 14059 Location 14059 Location 14059
  4. Ref: 12830

    A large empty ex-military base with concrete and grey buildings which offers great potential for Eastern Bloc film location doubles, military bases, or apocalyptic sites. 

    Location 12830 Location 12830 Location 12830
  5. Ref: 11268

    A range of spaces in a construction environment testing centre including industrial, period hallways, office areas and wind tunnel.

    Location 11268 Location 11268 Location 11268