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Industrial Rooftops

  1. Ref: 16381

    Sussex Place:

    Three vacant office floors in this modern office building. Available for mid-week filming.

    Location 16381 Location 16381 Location 16381
  2. Ref: 15571

    The Monster Building:

    Two industrial rooftops - one clear and one with plant and a mixture of both expansive generic and London views.

    Location 15571 Location 15571 Location 15571
  3. Ref: 14512

    Ascot Racecourse:

    2 rooftop locations, one textured industrial rooftop with pipes and varying levels, perfect stunt playground. And another viewing platform roof with views across Ascot Racecourse. 

    Location 14512 Location 14512 Location 14512
  4. Ref: 14505

    Ascot Racecourse:

    Fantastic, large, multi-complex site with a variety of period and modern buildings with a great airport double, service areas and vacant period manor.  

    Location 14505 Location 14505 Location 14505
  5. Ref: 13771

    Dashwood House:

    Dashwood House offers a striking double height Atrium as well as rooftop access with views over the City. For more information please call Tom on 020 3773 3705

    Location 13771 Location 13771 Location 13771
  6. Ref: 13279

    National Audit Office:

    Ultra-modern office with chic reception and communal areas available for weekend filming.

    Location 13279 Location 13279 Location 13279
  7. Ref: 12956

    Kings College Waterloo Campus: Overview

    Close to London Southbank Centre, Kings College Waterloo Campus has an amazing rooftop ideal for action scenes, as well as great corridors, waiting rooms, a canteen and lecture theatre, providing an amazing hospital or university double.

    Location 12956 Location 12956 Location 12956
  8. Ref: 12953

    Kings College Waterloo Campus: Rooftop

    Close to London Southbank Centre, Kings College Waterloo Campus has an amazing industrial-style rooftop, ideal for action scenes, with amazing views of the BFI, the London Eye and the London skyline.

    Location 12953 Location 12953 Location 12953