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Leisure centres

  1. Ref: 15028

    The impressive stadium & a variety of sports facilties including changing rooms, bathrooms & press areas. 

    Location 15028 Location 15028 Location 15028
  2. Ref: 14510

    An array of period and modern outbuildings and exteriors to choose from. From the modern, sleek grandstand to the listed, period exteriors of the Ticket block to a Victorian manor house, and empty stable blocks, Ascot has it all!

    Location 14510 Location 14510 Location 14510
  3. Ref: 14111

    A spacious vacant warehouse building featuring a double height sports hall, large pillar-less areas and a unique spiral staircase. For more information please call James on 0203 77 33 703.

    Location 14111 Location 14111 Location 14111
  4. Ref: 14107

    A large retail site situated in Lewisham, featuring a vacant office space, vacant retail unit, vacant leisure centre and plentiful parking. For more information please call James on 0203 77 33 703.

    Location 14107 Location 14107 Location 14107
  5. Ref: 13276

    Ultra-modern office with chic reception and communal areas available for weekend filming.

    Location 13276 Location 13276 Location 13276
  6. Ref: 13121

    Kingswood is an exciting and exclusive new film location, offering a mix of brutalist and contemporary architecture all nestled in the middle of a private, leafy estate. Kingswood offers foreign double exteriors, a unique atrium, office space, sports facilities as well an array of quads and courtyards.

    Location 13121 Location 13121 Location 13121
  7. Ref: 12962

    Architecturally striking modern campus building with a vast light-filled atrium, glass-box meeting rooms and large sports hall.

    Location 12962 Location 12962 Location 12962
  8. Ref: 12197

    The Bisley Camp offers a unique landscape of colonial American-inspired buildings and infrastructure.

    Location 12197 Location 12197
  9. Ref: 11260

    Beautiful venue which combines traditional building materials with modern architecture 

    Location 11260 Location 11260 Location 11260
  10. Ref: 10591

    Expansive and modern educational building with brutalist influences, just outside M25. Lots of filmable areas, including sports hall, boardrooms and recording studio. 

    Location 10591 Location 10591 Location 10591