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  1. Ref: 14856

    A period museum featuring a variety of Victorian taxidermy cabinets as well as a contrasting modern atrium, aquarium, music room and cafe.

    Location 14856 Location 14856 Location 14856
  2. Ref: 14855

    Victorian museum with large surrounding gardens, offering a variety of spaces including a Victorian conservatory, modern pavillion, bandstand and also boasting views over London. 

    Location 14855 Location 14855 Location 14855
  3. Ref: 14541

    Period building in the main grounds of Ascot, featuring an empty bar and function room with wood panelling. 

    Location 14541 Location 14541 Location 14541
  4. Ref: 14176

    The United Kingdom's leading maritime museum. Situated in Greenwich, the museum contains 10 galleries and a vast collection of artwork, maps, charts and memorabilia.
    Location 14176 Location 14176 Location 14176
  5. Ref: 14175

    A dry-docked British clipper ship situated at the river's edge in Greenwich.

    Location 14175 Location 14175 Location 14175
  6. Ref: 14173

    A 17th century observatory museum set at the top of Greenwich Park with spectacular views of London. Features giant telescopes, a fantastic period courtyard and a contemporary planetarium.

    Location 14173 Location 14173 Location 14173
  7. Ref: 14170

    A collection of esteemed museums encompassing the expansive and photogenic Greenwich Park. The collection consists of a Royal Observatory, a former royal residence, a historic dry-docked ship and the UK's leading maritime museum.

    Location 14170 Location 14170 Location 14170
  8. Ref: 14044

    Various period lobbies, staircases, and passageways at Stanley Halls.

    Location 14044 Location 14044 Location 14044
  9. Ref: 13900

    104 Pall Mall is a prestigious and ornate private members club in Central London. The Morning Room offers an alternative library setting to the main library with a more relaxed lounge setting.   

    Location 13900 Location 13900 Location 13900
  10. Ref: 13888

    104 Pall Mall, is also able to offer a number of additional, interesting spaces such as a Billiards Room, cloakroom and museum.

    Location 13888 Location 13888 Location 13888