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  1. Ref: 16218

    London Nightclub

    Underground nightclub in London with open brick work and an industrial/urban feel.


    Location 16218 Location 16218 Location 16218
  2. Ref: 15585

    Grace Hall: Overview

    Period details with modern styling at this enchanting Leadenhall Venue. The latest addition to the Camm & Hooper portfolio, located in the heart of bank. Grace Hall is a versatile, multi faceted space, with the ability to fit 600 people across its exquisite spaces. 


    Location 15585 Location 15585 Location 15585
  3. Ref: 15121

    Arena MK:

    Arena MK is a modern, purpose built, multifunctional event complex that boasts a pillarless build space of 2,430m2 With 10.9m of height clearance, 5m high loading doors from a 1,450 capacity car park Arena MK sits 35 miles from Leavesden Studios and 20 miles from Cardington.


    Location 15121 Location 15121 Location 15121
  4. Ref: 15035

    Wembley Stadium:

    An Impressive large site with multiple high-spec, glossy, commercial spaces, escalators and concourses with controllable urban walkways.

    Location 15035 Location 15035 Location 15035
  5. Ref: 14532

    West 12:

    An excellent, film-friendly shopping centre in Shepherd's Bush boasting retail areas, a small loading bay, great exteriors and a very unique derelict looking industrial area.

    Location 14532 Location 14532 Location 14532
  6. Ref: 8925

    High end, beautifully finished event space. 

    Location 8925 Location 8925
  7. Ref: 7470

    Versatile space with large stage and dressing room/common room area.

    Location 7470 Location 7470 Location 7470
  8. Ref: 7178

    Incredible 1930's Ballroom with adjacent bar and dressing rooms.

    Location 7178 Location 7178 Location 7178
  9. Ref: 4741

    Large nightclub with high-tech DJ booths & a sleek modernised finish.

    Location 4741 Location 4741 Location 4741
  10. Ref: 3688

    Versatile space - top end bar to dingy club. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    Location 3688 Location 3688 Location 3688