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  1. Ref: 17153

    Shere Estate:

    A large rural estate with acres of picturesque woodland, wild moorland and a quarry all linked by dirt tracks.

    Location 17153 Location 17153 Location 17153
  2. Ref: 15252

    The Lost Valley: 

    A magnificent quarry perfect for otherworldly scenes, from the Nevada Desert to the planet Mars.


    Location 15252 Location 15252 Location 15252
  3. Ref: 10933

    Huge, film-friendly sand quarry

    Location 10933 Location 10933 Location 10933
  4. Ref: 6681

    Stunning farm land and cliff edge featuring large caves which are the remains of a former quarry site.

    Location 6681 Location 6681 Location 6681