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Residential Exclusives

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  1. Ref: 15427

    Set within 120 acres of beautiful Kent countryside, Lullingstone Castle is one of England's oldest family estates.

    Location 15427 Location 15427 Location 15427
  2. Ref: 15390

    A beautiful Period vacant property available in Highgate. 

    Location 15390 Location 15390 Location 15390
  3. Ref: 15389

    A large vacant period property in Highgate featuring wood panelled rooms & multiple large open rooms. 

    Location 15389 Location 15389 Location 15389
  4. Ref: 15321

    The first floor of Aldermaston Court consisting of various breakout spaces as well as bedroom set ups and long corridors. 

    Location 15321 Location 15321 Location 15321
  5. Ref: 15320

    The interiors of Aldermaston court with a fantastic wood panelled reception and various rooms on the ground floor. 

    Location 15320 Location 15320 Location 15320
  6. Ref: 15196

    Vacant historic period manor house, filled with untouched rooms and features, surrounded by its own formal gardens and land.

    Location 15196 Location 15196 Location 15196
  7. Ref: 15112

    A beautiful manor house built in the 15th century featuring a selection of wood panelled rooms. Rowfant is also surrounded by 22 acres of land including a lake and woodlands. 

    Location 15112 Location 15112 Location 15112
  8. Ref: 14896

    A Grand period Mansion with Victorian facade and both Georgian and Baroque style interiors now operating as an independent School for the Arts. Unique features include wood panelled rooms, tiled original service corridors and Christopher Wren staircase.

    Location 14896 Location 14896 Location 14896
  9. Ref: 14634

    Authentic retro working men’s club offering a number of vacant entertainment spaces, featuring indoor sports facilities, a theatre, main hall, bars and other similar communal spaces.

    Location 14634 Location 14634 Location 14634
  10. Ref: 14633

    Apartment above is classically retro, dilapidated and mysteriously decorated from previous inhabitants.

    Location 14633 Location 14633 Location 14633
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