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  1. Ref: 15031

    A range of large, open, modern entrance areas and escalators. 

    Location 15031 Location 15031 Location 15031
  2. Ref: 14757

    An attractive converted Victorian ragged school with a large car park and large office and hall

    Location 14757 Location 14757 Location 14757
  3. Ref: 14701

    Multi-site comprising of large Brutalist style office building, period low-rise offices, dramatic industrial multi- level car parks and controllable roads.



    Location 14701 Location 14701 Location 14701
  4. Ref: 14433

    Boasting a diverse mix of 3 traditional and modern courtrooms, The Supreme Court is an immensely versatile location with additional function and meeting rooms, one of the most private libraries in the UK as well as stunning corridors and a stone staircase. Weekend shoots only.

    Location 14433 Location 14433 Location 14433
  5. Ref: 14040

    An overview of the variety of Edwardian / Arts & Crafts spaces available at Stanley Halls.

    Location 14040 Location 14040 Location 14040
  6. Ref: 13659


    LETHABY BUILDING - Fifth Floor including the top of the stunning main staircase and access to rooftop

    Location 13659 Location 13659 Location 13659
  7. Ref: 13491

    Old College Campus. Cochran Theatre Offices.

    Refurbished production offices in Central London with views of the city.

    Location 13491 Location 13491 Location 13491
  8. Ref: 13451

    Disused block of 1970s offices with great primary school exteriors and countryside views. Contains a room with living greenery and lots of corridors and rundown offces,

    Location 13451 Location 13451 Location 13451
  9. Ref: 13211

    A large vacant ex-military base with a huge scope of filming locations and unit base parking, including Eastern Bloc Filming location doubles, and apocalyptic sites. 

    Location 13211 Location 13211 Location 13211
  10. Ref: 12828

     An ex-training centre unit with an onsite shooting range.  These classrooms at Buller Barracks form part of a wider site including Barrack housing, prison film location doubles and an officers mess. 

    Location 12828 Location 12828 Location 12828
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